A look back at the first #PictoChallenge

Many of you joined us on Zoom to take part in the first PictoChallenge organized to enrich Picto Dico. If you missed this first meeting, the replay is available below. This and all subsequent replays will be published on SuperTilt’s YouTube channel.

If you’d like to take part in the next one(s), don’t forget to register to receive the login link and the next live dates.

As with all other disciplines, graphic facilitation requires regular practice to progress and reach your required level. It’s not always easy to find the motivation and inspiration you need, and when you’re on your own the energy can quickly fade.

PictoChallenge can meet this need for practical support and motivation. This event is aimed at people wishing to develop their graphic library while contributing to the Picto Dico community.

Concrete and abstract pictograms

A person designated by Romain proposes a word and everyone draws it.

The pace is fast, with everyone drawing 9 concrete and 9 abstract pictograms in 30 minutes. Romain randomly chooses a participant to propose a word orally, or via chat for the more shy or those with a microphone problem. The group draws it in the allotted time.

For this first session, we had the following proposals:

  • helmet
  • micro
  • piggy bank
  • comb
  • cat
  • cup
  • guitar
  • harmonica
  • octopus

As for the concrete/verb pictograms, the task was sometimes difficult with the terms :

  • ephemeral
  • design
  • run
  • transparency (not an easy one!)
  • collaboration
  • biodiversity
  • victory
  • light
  • vacation

Pictogram of the day

Then there’s the “tuto” moment, during which Romain shows you step by step how to draw a picto. For this first session, he chose the word “group”.

A step-by-step tutorial for easy word reproduction