What is Picto Dico?

In 2020, we launched Picto-Dico.fr, a site designed to be a source of inspiration for all visual thinking enthusiasts, whether beginners or more experienced.

The aim is simple: to put hundreds of quick and easy-to-reproduce pictograms online to help you stimulate your creativity and expand your pictogram library. We’ve designed this site to share our passion for visuals with as many people as possible.

The project is constantly expanding. We do our best to add new pictograms every month!

Romain Couturier, feutres à la main
Tâche décorative

Where do the pictograms come from?

The pictograms are taken from the “PictoChallenge” sessions organized as part of the online graphic facilitation training course run by Romain Couturier of SuperTilt.

The principle is simple: participants in the training session meet every Monday for a live remote session. During this time of exchange with the trainer, the participants are given the opportunity to discuss fundamental issues concerning their learning: questions, clarifications, possible difficulties… Each session includes a PictoChallenge: participants propose a word (concrete or abstract) and everyone draws it.

They then share the results on the course’s private Facebook group. The result is a multitude of possibilities for the same word, and everyone can draw inspiration from the techniques and ideas of others. We thought it would be interesting to capitalize on this wealth of viewpoints and creativity to make it accessible to all budding graphic facilitators. And so Picto Dico was born!

In the interests of readability, we rework the pictograms while respecting the author’s style as far as possible.

Didn't find the picto you were looking for?

Come and share a moment of conviviality and creativity by registering for the next PictoChallenge online! This webinar, hosted by Romain Couturier, is free and open to all.


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Picto Dico is a SuperTilt brand founded in 2020 to provide a library of creative, easy-to-reproduce pictograms. Our platform, picto-dico.fr, has been designed to make visual thinking accessible to a wide audience, allowing everyone to practice, give free rein to their creativity and be inspired by the ideas of others through our PictoChallenges.

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